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    Haugen Consulting offers 3 training courses - Introduction to Tanker Operations, Introduction to Demurrage, and Advanced Demurrage. Below is a description of each course with the topics discussed. Sign up now for one of our courses and learn the fundamentals of the tanker industry and how to mitigate demurrage exposure.  Calculations can be complex, however, we simplify the training process with hands-on exercises. Participants are able to focus on learning the framework and legal precedent of demurrage. 

    Introduction to Tanker Operations

    This one-day course provides an overview of tanker and terminal operations. Participants will learn key shipping concepts, including:

    • Types of Tankers – Vessel Vetting
    • Port State Control – COC – ISM – ISPS
    • Classification Societies – Flag States
    • Servants of Owners – Pilots, Tugs
    • Agents – Owners/Charterers
    • Navigation – Draft – Trim – List
    • Customs Clearance – Free Pratique – Immigration
    • Bunkering – Lightering – Deballasting – Ballasting
    • COW – Inerting – Deinerting
    • Key Meeting – Load/Discharge Scheduling
    • Tank Cleaning – Stowage – Cargo Handling
    • Pumping – Backpressure – Vapor Recovery
    • Cargo Measurement – Documents
    • Worldscale – Voyage Costing
    • Importance of Load/Discharge Port Rotation

    Introduction to Demurrage

    This two-day course provides an overview of laytime calculations, demurrage analysis, charter parties, and facilitates a working knowledge of tanker and terminal operations. Participants will learn key shipping and demurrage concepts, including:

    • Charters: Voyage, Consecutive, Time, Bareboat
    • Independent Surveyors
    • Laydays – Extension – ETAs – NOR
    • Laytime – Exceptions to Time Counting
    • Weather Delays – Fog, Storm
    • Nighttime Restrictions – Terminal/Port
    • Shifting Time – When does it count?
    • Barge Operations – Transshipments
    • Ship to Ship Transfers
    • Pump Warranty – Owner/ Charterer Obligations
    • Logs: Owners, Agents, Survey Report, Dock
    • Time Bar – Charter Party, Sales Contracts
    • Law: US vs English
    • Arbitration – Shortened Procedures
    • Mock Arbitration and Discussion

    Advanced Demurrage

    This two-day course elaborates on complex demurrage issues, focusing on an in-depth analysis of charter parties and protective clauses; ways to limit liability and maximize collection through improved terms; an examination of frequently disputed issues and methods to eliminate the causes; and discussions of key arbitration awards and landmark decisions instrumental in successful demurrage resolution. Topics to be covered include:

    • Analysis of Popular Tanker Charter Party Forms
    • Berth Charter – Port Charter
    • Notice of Readiness – Received – Accepted – Rejected
    • Arrived Vessel – When and Where
    • Safe Berth/ Safe Port – Reachable Upon Arrival
    • Prorata Waiting Time/Laytime – Suspended Laytime
    • INCOTERMS – Sales Contracts – ‘As per Charter Party’
    • Beyond Charterer’s Control – Cargo Availability – Fog
    • Expected Readiness – Vessel’s Late Arrival
    • Document Signatures
    • Letter of Protest –Owner/Terminal/Surveyor
    • Mock Arbitration and Discussion
    • Multi-Cargo Handling – Vapor Recovery Constraints
    • Cargo Contamination and EffectiveDemurrage
    • Pumping Warranties – Load and Discharge
    • Once on demurrage, always on demurrage?
    • General Exceptions Clause – Force Majeure
    • Berthing Delays Due to Bad Weather – Strikes – ISPS
    • Demurrage as a Profit Center
    • Maximizing Demurrage to Freight Ratios
    • Detention or Demurrage?
    • Statute of Limitations – Laches
    • Time Bar Exceptions – Charter Party /Sales Contracts


    Intro to Tanker Operations is offered on Monday, Intro to Demurrage is offered as a two day course on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Advanced Demurrage is offered as a two day course on Thursday and Friday for the Houston, Rotterdam, and Singapore locations.
    Personnel that benefit by attending our courses  include Charterers, Owners, Schedulers / Operations, Brokers, Traders / Commercial, Agents, Surveyors / Inspectors, Terminal Operators, Contract Coordinators/Administrators, et al.

    2023 In-Person Course Schedule:

    HoustonApril 24-28

    RotterdamMay 8-12

    SingaporeJune 5-9

    RotterdamOctober 9-13

    HoustonOctober 23-27





    2023 Course Pricing

      Early Registration Discount Traditional Pricing
    Intro to Tanker Ops  $                              1,065.00  $             1,150.00
    Intro to Demurrage  $                              2,135.00  $             2,350.00
    Adv Demurrage  $                              2,135.00  $             2,350.00
    Course Bundle (All 3)  $                              4,799.00  $             5,250.00


    ***Pricing increases 3 weeks before the start date of the course from the early registration discount to the traditional pricing structure.


    Houston Location:

    Greater Houston Port Bureau
    4400 TX-225, Suite 200
    Deer Park, TX 77536
    (713) 678-4300

    Singapore Location:

    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
    320 Orchard Rd
    Singapore 238865
    +65 6735 5800

    Rotterdam Location:

    Rotterdam Marriott
    Weena 686, 3012 CN Rotterdam, Netherlands
    +31 10 430 2000


    Register for the courses below. If you have any questions or would like help registering, please contact

    Online Spot Vetting & Vessel Clearance


    The objective of this course is to provide delegates with a working knowledge of spot vetting and vessel clearance. Participants will learn how to identify risk of casualty and delay and real time steps to mitigate damages.


    It is the intention of this course to cover the following key topics:

    • Vessel party’s obligation and terminal party’s obligation

    • Tanker characteristics

    • Online resources available to facilitate spot vetting

    • Factors impacting ingress and egress from a port


    This course emphasizes actionable ways to mitigate delays, damages, and demurrage via identifying risks of casualty and delay and via the acceptance of nominations. This will be achieved through a series of lectures, hands-on examples, and discussions.

    $549.00 each


    Americas Office

    A 1302 Waugh Drive, Suite 483, Houston, TX 77019
    M +1.713.275.1076

    European Office

    A 1067 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 31
    M +36 70 366 6170
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